company expense deductions

Cyprus tax favors companies in various ways but here is some of the most important advantages offered. Expenses incurred wholly and exclusively in earning taxable income are deducted for corporate tax purposes.

Cyprus tax exemptions and deductions

Cyprus tax regime is very attractive for professionals but of course for enterprises operating all around the world. The advantages and deductions offered place Cyprus’s Tax regime as one of the most attractive and most competitive worldwide.

cyprus visa and residency for uk nationals

UK nationals can benefit from the Cyprus Government provisions to secure their residence rights and at the same time keep their EU rights. Cyprus already has more than 80.000 Britons residing and this number is expected to grow in the next two years according to experts.

cyprus residency visa

The location, the personal and corporate tax, the great climate and beaches, the EU umbrella, the marine and business hub, the high quality of education are some of the reasons families from all around the world choose Cyprus to reside.

cyprus tax resindent

Become a Cyprus tax resident in 60 days. Individual tax incentives and advantages.

cyprus personal tax

Cyprus personal tax regime is one of the most attractive in Europe. Professionals, entrepreneurs and salaried people consider Cyprus as their tax residence for the advantages of the local personal tax.